Four Year Old Trash Talk

     Hello Darlings!  I am BACK.  I have missed you and I sure as shootin' hope you missed me. Since I went back to work in December as Director of Connections for my church I have barely posted.  To get words out there I have become an OVER-POSTER on Facebook and that needs to stop.  I have even posted pictures of my meals and my vacation as I am still on it.  No!  In order to put Facebook out of it's misery, I will be posting weekly again.

     What shall we talk about?

  My Pastor told me I should blog this little tidbit, and I will start here:

     Our Target's sidewalk is DIRTY!  Gross litter everywhere all the time.  Why, I probably wouldn't even go inside Target so often if it wasn't just to avoid the icky candy wrappers and cigarette butts on the sidewalk outside.  *Harrumph*


     Portia and Libby and I were walking down this particular sidewalk from the Pet Supplies Plus to Target for Back to School Shopping when I remarked out loud "Gosh someone should clean this sidewalk trash up."  You. will. not. believe. what. happened. next.

     Libby who is four years old said "Why don't we do it?"  *swoon*  I love her heart.  I guess  I have taught her well and it is true we often fill a bag with litter as we walk....but NO.  Not today it is hot and we are pretty and we have shopping to do.

Libby began to pick up litter.  I  said "No, just leave it."

Then she killed my heart.

Libby...again four years old says, "But I want to honor God by cleaning this up."  

Y'all.  I. Mean.

I went straight to the car to drop my bags and to get an empty bag for trash.  When God speaks out of my children's mouth you bet I listen.  We sweated and stooped and we picked up the half block of sidewalk trash.  I was embarrassed, proud and humbled.  When we went to throw our bag of litter in the trash can it was full.  

While my girls were using the Target Store bathroom I asked for a Store Manager.  I commented on the litter outside and he hastily apologized and went to have someone go out to clean it up.  I explained that no, we had already done that, but couldn't fit our trash bag into their trash can...which might be part of how all the litter gets on the sidewalk.  He was floored, then I explained it was my four year old's fault and what she had said.  

The gentleman handed me a few cash coupons and I later gave them to the girls, telling them to thank him directly for it.  I am not sure who learned the most here, but I am so grateful for my four year old's trash talk.

And lest you think I am bragging...I get almost EVERYTHING else wrong in the parental department.  This was a precious exception.  

What have your kids wowed you with lately?  Have you learned any lessons from the mouths of babes? Please share in the comments!

The Perfect Mom's Back to (Pre)School List

This post was originally posted at Mumbling Mommy!

Back to school?  Oh yeah, as a mom I should be thinking about school.  My sweetest, rottenest child is three and will be attending preschool formally this Fall.  She has gone to a month to month  preschool here and there, but this time we pay tuition and register and visited and will have a bucket tote.  There will be a schedule and everything.  Maybe I should start putting the dates into my Cozi Calendar? Hmm.  

With the Back to School Syndrome heading into full swing and having no understanding or experience with it, I have compiled this handy list for all of you to use.  I will be checking up on you and using red ink.

The Perfectionist Mom's Back to (pre)School List
1) Buy a lot of brand name new clothes for children.
2) Buy a lot of designer new clothes for you. (gotta look awesome at drop off)
3) Buy school supplies in custom colors for each child.  Themes are great.
4) Spend three hundred dollars on labels.  Cute. Labels.  (No, sharpies aren't good enough.)
5) Teach children a third language and ballet and a new sport to impress teacher.

The Regular Mom's Back to (pre)School List
1) Buy new and thrifted clothes to round out wardrobe for children. 
2) Wash and maybe get crazy and iron clothes for you for drop off.
3) Buy some crayons and paper and anything else on the supplies list.
4) Sharpies are good enough.
5) Hope your kid remembers their alphabet and numbers in front of the class.

My Back to (pre)School List 
1) Buy more beer and wine. Lots more; think of all the free time I'll have!
2) Remember to wear clothes for drop off.
3) Collect crayons and scrap paper from recycling bin until I find that elusive supplies list.
4) Who needs labels?  Things come, things go.  I hate the princess sippy cups anyhoo.
5) Pray to God your kid doesn't cuss on the first day.  Or that they will at least use the word in context and quietly.

Good Luck in  your back to school adventures.  Is there anything I am forgetting?  I sure could use some help. 

KFC Red Velvet Cake Commercial with BIKES!

Right.  So I haven't blogged in four months a looooong while.  This is not an ideal come back, but this priceless bike friendly commercial from KFC made me happy and spoke to so many parts of my life I just went with it.  I found it on my Spotify today as I switched from "I'm Sexy and I Know It" station to "Singing in the Car" because my six year old daughter joined me at the computer and I guess that is just what parents do.  And my hubby told me to. 

The commercial scrolled and when I saw a bike going through a drive through...which I have totally done a few times. I clicked on it and smiled.  Here 'tis.

I like KFC against my better judgement.  I do not eat there more than once or twice a year....but I kinda want it for dinner tonight!  Or the Red Velvet Cake at least.

I think life by bike is better.  

We had my friend and awesome Bike Activist with Bicycle Indiana Joshua Sutton speak at Valpo FUMC Modern Moms last week for Earth Day...he shared lots of tips on how to bike more often, even with children.  We even got into the Newspaper!

Spring is here, I'll attempt to post more often, and I'd love to hear your bike stories and pictures.

Enjoy your day!

Beware of : Customer Service WANTED

You may remember my old blog, "Help Wanted, Help Found" where I chronicled good and bad customer service experiences.  The posts were from my own adventures and also from submissions.  I tried to be constructive for the most part and used my customer service trainer history to *ahem* educate the folks in question.  
I thought you all might enjoy this snappy reply (color and font change mine) from  when I asked why we had to share a driver's license to open an account.  I found it odd that one employee had to share their personal information...or else.  
I'm underwhelmed by their reply, uncomfortable with their desire for personal ID (doesn't everyone else have other validation options?) and just wondered what others thought.
So...what do you guys think of this?

Kevin ( via 

10:07 AM (6 hours ago)
to me
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (#201539) has been solved. To reopen this request, reply to this email or click the link below:

Kevin ( 
Feb 13, 11:07 
Thanks for using We require a legible, valid, government issued photo ID, so that we can verify you are who you says you are, and also so that we can confirm that you are authorized to make postings for the organization that you have registered. If you are not comfortable providing this information, you do not have to utilize our service. Thanks. Support Team
(814) 867-2100

Heather Novak
Feb 13, 10:16 
Our church is trying to register for but as we register a driver’s license is required. Why is this? None of us want to put our personal information our like that for our church to be able to post. 
Thank you for answering. 
Heather Novak 

Plant Therapy Can Save You Money: Where I Buy Essential Oils

I've used essential oils for ten years.  I learned about them from my best friend Jenny who would drop peppermint essential oil in the shower or give a back rub with it for her sick kids.  Then I met Val Lang of "A Natural Hi" in Niles, Michigan at the seasonal French Farmers Market.  I bought a small kit of eight oils from her and started playing with them, mostly in a tea light burner or topically.  A coworker Leah used essential oils all the time too so I borrowed books from her and she gifted me my first oil burner/diffuser.

As the years progressed I found my favorite essential oil 'bibles' and  continued to add oils to my collection.  I'd buy them anywhere.  Aura Cacia, NOW, whatever I found.   Lately I see lots of people are discovering the health benefits of essential oils and I am thrilled.  This is thanks to the largely marketed doTERRA and Young Living essential oil companies.  But I do not buy essential oils from them.  No way.

I've bought oils for years.  They work.  It is a pleasure to use essential oils no matter the reason.  And they are AFFORDABLE.  But you cannot build a gagillion dollar business when something is instead lmajor essential oil companies are trying to make essential oils DESIRABLE and SPECIAL and charge more for them.  (Since people are already used to paying too much for things, lets keep that going.)

*ahem*  I am derailed.

OK.  So I am used to paying around $8 for a bottle  of  essential oil.  A few more bucks for rarer or harder to distill oils and a lot more for the rarest... Frankincense, Myrrh, they were gifts for a king for a reason.  I want higher quality essential oils now, but I just cannot fall for paying three times what I am accustomed to paying.  I try.  It would be easier, no.

A friend who used to buy doTERRA turned me onto Plant Therapy.  She said they were great quality essential oils at 1/3 the price of her other brand.  I thought at first it was a company I could share and sell through, but it isn't.  You just buy from them and that is it.  Which really is ok.  I started with a Germ Destroyer blend for the kids and a Digest Aid blend for me.  The thing I learned from the essential oil classes I attended is I do want higher quality oil than I may have used before, but I also need a strong value for my dollar.  I think I have found that with Plant Therapy.

I offered to do a review for Plant Therapy and they sent me Nighty Night Kidsafe Blend free for my kids.  The girls have been getting up a lot at night and going down at night rough.  Lots of fussing and up and down and a general lack of fun for us parents.  We have been using Nighty Night  most nights for a few weeks now.  It was the first Essential Oil I couldn't just drop on their pillow or is a bright blue color I have never seen before in essential oils...I am guessing that is the Blue Tansy?   It is pretty but I do worry it would stain.

The directions suggest you dilute it, so I rub it into olive oil and massage the kids briefly with it.  They LOVE the Nighty Night essential oil and they ask for it if I forget.  Even my husband and the girl's Grandpa have had to learn about it so they can give it to the girls when I am not doing bedtime.  I think it has helped limit the going to bed drama immensely, but it hasn't helped the little one sleep through the night any better because she has been sick with a cough.  I think in general we have noticed a benefit from using Nighty Night.  For a bit under ten dollars, it is a tool I will use regularly to avoid bedtime battles.

Using the kid safe line from Plant Therapy, 
I don't have to guess what to use or 
what is safest for my little kids. 

Although essential oils aren't a miracle cure for us, I think they help my kids feel better and may spare us some ugly bouts of illness.  (This is funny to type because just now we are in the middle of our worst bout of cold and flu, but it is not our normal. )  I keep adding oils to my Plant Therapy wish list so I know what I am running out of and plan to buy next.  I bought my friend a Christmas present from them too.  I think Plant Therapy offers strong essential oils at reasonable prices and in may cases you can select the organic version of an oil if you prefer that.  I also like their KIDSAFE line.  One thing I learned this past year is that a lot of oils I have used on my kids aren't great for them, even if I have felt they worked well.  Using the kid safe line from Plant Therapy, I don't have to guess what to use or what is safest for my little kids.  I also like the options of a diluted roller ball or straight up essential oil blend that they offer.

I don't get any kickbacks from Plant Therapy if you click a link or buy through this post, but I sure would appreciate it if you would drop my name when you order essential oils or essential oil blends from Plant Therapy.  And let me know what you think about essential oils and your experience with them.

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